We ofter use "Regards" at the end of our e-mail. In one of my mail I mistakenly wrote "Regard"(without a "s") which my quái thú didn"t like! My question is what is the difference between "Regards" và "Regard"?


Regard (singular noun) means a look, a gaze, an aspect; & by extension esteem or attention.

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Regards (plural noun) means the wishes that express such esteem or respect.

Though grammatically either noun might work, in social convention only the plural noun is normally seen. It is an informal abbreviation of the phrase "with best regards" or similar phrases.


Regard is just a misspelling - which is probably why your boss khủng didn"t like it.

"Regards" is short for "my best regards" or similar. "My best regard" would not make sense as regard can not be a singular noun.

Imagine writing, "Yours incerely" at the over of a letter. It gives a bad impression.


The suitor says "My feelings for you are genuine."

Congratulations! The girl believes him.

The news is that they are to lớn be married soon.

The king sends his regards.

Toward (AE) / Towards (BE) a Better Understanding.

The letter/sound "S" is very powerful in linhkiem.vn. So, be mindful when you run into one. It could mean the difference between: HE & SHE. MR and MRS.

No wonder your BOSS doesn"t want you to lớn go around dropping "Ss". Next thing you know, you"ll be calling the boss, BO, an anglicized size of beau, boyfriend.

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Tongue-in-cheek? Yes. But, you should get the point. & that is what counts!

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