The article provides information you need khổng lồ know about the TIB file & instructions for using the .tib file to ghost your computer in accordance with UEFI - GPT standards. We invite you khổng lồ follow us!

Currently, the TIB tệp tin format is widely shared by many people to lớn help restore operating system files that have been backed up on computers that tư vấn the UEFI standard. So what is a TIB file & how to lớn ghost a computer with a TIB file? Please refer to lớn the article below!

1. What is a TIB file?

The TIB file format is a disk image file created by Acronis True Image software capable of creating a complete backup of a hard drive, for data recovery in the sự kiện of a system failure.

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2. Lưu ý before ghosting the computer

- bởi not ghost about Windows 7 if your computer belongs to the latest versions because it may be incompatible, unstable operation.

- Remember khổng lồ save important data before ghosting the computer.

3. Prepare before ghosting the computer

Check your computer

- Make sure your computer meets UEFI or Legacy standards, GPT or MBR standard hard drive.

- If the computer follows the Legacy standard, the hard drive should be in MBR format. If it is UEFI standard, the hard drive should be in GPT format.

- Partition the computer"s hard drive according khổng lồ your wishes.

- TIB ghost tệp tin (if the computer is UEFI standard, it must be ghost Windows 64-bit). This file is on a different drive than the one you intend to lớn ghost.

- USB boot with Windows 10 PE & Acronis True Image software (can be created with Hiren"s Boot).


Download software Acronis True Image

In addition lớn the main feature of data backup & recovery, Acronis True Image software can also create drives and restore them when you need khổng lồ clean the computer system. Therefore, Acronis True Image is the perfect tool to lớn make the computer ghost process easier.

- Salient features:

+ Create backups from original data & update changes in real time.

+ Provides the ability lớn boot truyền thông such as FTP, CDR or DVD.

+ On-demand virut scanning mode.

+ High security with anti-malware technology và many other security functions.

- download Acronis True Image tool HERE.


4. How to ghost computer with UEFI standard TIB file - GPT

Step 1: Connect the bootable USB to lớn the computer. Restart the machine, go khổng lồ the Boot Menu & select boot from USB.

Step 2: Go to Windows 10 PE > Launch Acronis True Image software.


Step 3: Click on the Recover option.


Step 4: Select Browse for backup… > Select .tib file > Click OK to lớn extract the ghost file.


Step 5: Select Disk Recovery.


Step 6: Select Next.


Step 7: Select Recover whole disks and partitions > Click Next.


Step 8: Mark all partitions (UEFI computers will often appear an additional partition named EFI System Partition or ESP). In particular, do not mark MBR và Track 0 because it will erase data on the hard drive > Click Next.


Step 9: Select New location item.


Step 10: In Disk 1 select the partition you want to extract ghost > Select Accept.


Step 11: Click Next.

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Step 12: kiểm tra the information again, click Proceed to start the Ghost process. Once the process is complete, restart the computer & you"re done.


Thus, the above article has helped you learn more about the TIB file, the purpose of use & how to use the TIB file to ghost a standard UEFI - GPT computer. Wishing you success!