As I said in the previous article, from this article, we will start khổng lồ dig deeper into the tools available in Photoshop.

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Have you heard of the tool? Crop then? Yes, I’m sure you’ve used it a few times already, if you don’t know, you probably haven’t noticed.

Crop is a tool lớn help image cropping available on all computers và smartphones today. It’s really popular already!

And in Photoshop software too, Crop is also one of the indispensable tools. That’s why in today’s article, let’s learn about How to lớn use the Crop tool in Photoshop Please. Okay, Let’s go !

#first. About the tool: Crop Tool

The Crop tool in Photoshop is also known as Crop Tool. This is a tool that allows you to lớn crop images as you like.


You can completely change the way it is displayed. It can be completely hidden or change its opacity khổng lồ suit your preferences. To vì chưng that, you select the icon gear shape (Settings icon) on the Options bar. The first 3 options are:

Use Classic Mode (P): Old crop frame mode (doesn’t matter).Show Cropped Area (H): Hide the part of the image outside the crop area.Auto Center Preview: Always show the crop area in the center of the document window.

And the next option is:

Enable Crop Shield: Hide the màu sắc overlay on the part of the image outside the crop area.Color: Customize the màu sắc of the overlay.Opacity: Customize overlay opacity.Auto Adjust Opacity: Automatic adjustment.

Again, I can’t shoot with each option khổng lồ help you see how they work, so feel không tính tiền to experiment

#5. “Delete Cropped Pixels” option

Finally, there is the option khổng lồ crop the image. We will have two different options when using the Crop tool.

Crop the image và remove pixels outside the clipping region.Crop the image but still keep pixels outside the clipping region.

Option 1 will be the same as when you kiểm tra the option Delete Cropped Pixels on the Options bar.

With this option, after cropping the image, the image will still be saved as background.

And if you click unblock, select Move tool (v) to shift the image, you will see that the parts of the image outside the crop area have actually been removed.

On the contrary, if you crop the image, unselected current Delete Cropped Pixels, your image after cropping will automatically convert to layers (Layers) and pixels outside the area will remain been retained.

These two different cropping options will be useful in certain situations.

For example, if you want khổng lồ cut off the excess of a photo but are not sure if you want lớn restore them in the future, then using option 2 (without checking Delete Cropped Pixels) is appropriate.

However, you should lưu ý that, if you save the tệp tin in a working format like PSD nice TIFF then the pixel outside the clipping area is kept.

And if you save the file as an output format like JPEG, PNG … they will be lost. In addition, this crop option also makes the image heavier than cropping the image without preserving pixels.

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#6. Conclude

Yes, above is How to lớn use the Crop tool in Photoshop to lớn crop images lớn be the most professional.

Whenever you need to lớn crop images, instead of using other software, now practice cropping them with the Crop Tool in Photoshop. It may take a little longer at first than you’re used to, but this will help you progress faster